Daft Punk – Leftovers

I came across this album on iTunes one day but it was removed after few hours. I don’t know whether it was an official album or not. And I also lost track number 5 from this album.

Anyway.. Enjoy!


1. Around the World (Derek Marin Remix)
2. Around the World / Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Mini Mix)
3. Verdis Quo (Derek Marin Remix)
4. Verdis Quo (Derek Marin Remix 2)
5. –
6. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger / Clap to This (Mash Up)
7. Make Love (Sideview Remix)
8. The Prime Time of Your Life / Aerodynamic Breakdown
9. Ouverture (Sideview Remix)
10. Technologic (Derek Marin Remix)
11. On Da Rocks / Let’s Go Crazy / Technologic (D. Marin Mash Up)
12. Music Sounds Better With You / Running (Mini Mix)

>> Download Here! <<


5 responses

17 09 2008

I just came across this album. I found it really strange, I did not hear any mention of it on the typicaly “big” blogs which you know would be crazy over a newish Daft Punk album…

I don’t think it’s official, It just somehow managed to get on iTunes before somebody figured it out. Seems like all the mixes are by Derek Marin (aka Sideview). Something like what Amplive did with Radiohead’s In Rainbows.

17 09 2008

yep.. thats what i thought… I don’t think its official… Thanks for the info, Chris ^___^

29 12 2008

ttOxuU Thanks for good post

16 05 2009

I found that on the rhapsody mp3 store today… Im pretty sure I didn’t see that yesterday…..

the creepy thing is that I just got into Daft Punk about 3-4 days after it came out!
did I cause it to be taken down?!?!?!??
(see the LEGAL download of the rarity at: http://mp3.rhapsody.com/daft-punk/leftovers )

15 12 2012

the fifth song of the strange one day album was 5 – Voyager/Take Your Time Derek Marin Mash Up)…

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