Danity Kane – Welcome To The Dollhouse

Artist: Danity Kane
Album: Welcome To The Dollhouse
Released: 2008
Kind: AAC Audio File
Genre: R&B

Size: 49,5 MB (.zip)

I never heard of Danity Kane before so I have no idea what their music is all about, but when Welcome To The Dollhouse came out and i was just looking at their cover and I think these girls are Hot so i gave it a go to listen to their music.. and I like it! their music is different from the rest of the other girlbands and I think they are going to be fine for the next few years enjoying their success.. 🙂


Track List:
1. Welcome To The Dollhouse [Featuring P. Diddy]
2. Bad Girl [featuring Missy Elliott]
3. Damaged
4. Pretty Boy
5. Strip Tease
6. Sucka For Love
7. Secret Place Interlude
8. Ecstasy [Featuring Rick Ross]
9. 2 Of You
10. Lights Out
11. Picture This Interlude
12. Poetry
13. Key To My Heart
14. Flashback Interlude
15. Is Anybody Listening
16. Ain’t Going
17. Make Me Sick (Bonus Track)


>> full album download <<


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