Gavin DeGraw

Artist: Gavin DeGraw
Album: Gavin DeGraw
Released: 2008
Kind: AAC Audio File (.m4a)
Genre: Pop/Rock

Always like his voice… its melodic, deep, and soulful… and this album shows all his strengths. Starts with the not-so-rockin ‘In Love WIth A Girl’ and ends with the beautiful ‘We Belong Together’ (no… not Mariah’s song ^^) Love this album…


Track List:
1. In Love With A Girl
2. Next To Me (Wait A Minute Sister)
3. Cheated On Me
4. I Have You To Thank
5. Cop Stop
6. Young Love
7. Medicate The Kids
8. Relative
9. She Holds A Key
10. Untamed
11. Let It Go
12. We Belong Together


>> full album download <<


2 responses

8 08 2008

Check out Eric Solomon- he’s great and his music is similar to Gavin DeGraw’s stuff. Check out his website so that you can listen to some of his songs.

8 08 2008

Thanks.. and will do ^___^

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