New Kids On The Block – The Block (Deluxe)

Okay.. so before you judge me or anything…. I am not a big fans of NKOTB.. and never was.. :p

But i found this album is great.. with Lady GaGa on the track list? what could possibly go wrong? I admit… I enjoy this album very much.. its my guilty pleasure, along with Metro Station’s album.. hehe..

1. Click Click Click
2. Single (NKOTB And Ne-Yo)
3. Big Girl Now (feat Lady Gaga)
4. Summertime
5. 2 In The Morning
6. Grown Man (feat The Pussycat Dolls And Teddy Riley)
7. Dirty Dancing
8. Sexify My Love
9. Twisted
10. Full Service (feat New Edition)
11. Lights, Camera, Action
12. Put It On My Tab (feat Akon)
13. Stare At You
14. One Song
15. Don’t Cry
16. Officially Over
17. Looking Like Danger

>> Download Here! <<


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